Built Right
From The Ground Up.

About Us.

Holmes Communities is the residential real estate development division of The Holmes Group. Mike’s vision is to be the global leader in promoting quality residential construction and developing environmentally sustainable neighbourhoods as well as consistently being the frontrunner in raising industry standards.


This will be accomplished through the use of high performance home and community infrastructure programs, such as:


  • Holmes Approved Homes Program Guidelines
  • Holmes Approved Builders
  • Holmes Approved Staged Inspections
  • Quality Standard Products & Techniques
  • Low Impact Construction (to the environment)
  • Efficient Power Sources (co-generation, geothermal, wind, solar)
  • Effective Energy Management (smart grid, energy storage)
  • Innovative Communications (home energy controls, home & community security controls, high speed internet)

The Builders.

When you want the best you go with the best. That’s why Mike has partnered with top builders in Edmonton that are building to his standards.

Effect Homes

Effect Homes is a Holmes Communities recommended home builder at Creekside Ravine. Effect Homes believes a home is a place that reflects who you are. To ensure the uniqueness of your home, they listen to what you want and guide you through the building process. Ultimately, they work to transform your vision into reality.
Effect Homes seamlessly blends energy efficiency with design excellence. After thorough planning and drawing on innovative solutions, you’ll live in an environmentally friendly, well-designed home that you won’t find anywhere else.

Its solid construction and ability to save energy makes it a responsible choice for you, your family and the environment. Effect Homes will ensure that you will be living in a beautiful home situated within a beautiful community.


The House Company is a Holmes Communities approved designer and builder for Creekside Ravine. The House Company’s long experience in building to very high standards aligns closely with Holmes Communities’ quality requisites, inspections, energy efficiency and low impact construction standards. Your home will be beautifully designed for you – with better foundations, structure, insulation, exterior systems, quality, moisture control and durability. The House Company can advise new clients on options for solar electric generation, efficient heating and cooling and natural lighting and ventilation, and how these systems will pay for themselves by off-setting the higher utility costs coming in the future. The House Company at Creekside Ravine is a guaranteed path to a beautiful modern home in a sustainably designed community.

Vicky’s Homes

Vicky’s Homes’ approach to custom home building goes beyond simply producing homes—it’s about creating sanctuaries of luxury, crafted with fine, attentive detail and innovative designs. It is this attention to quality home design that makes Vicky’s Homes a perfect building partner with Holmes Communities. Vicky’s Homes is a custom builder whose approach is hands-on throughout every aspect of the new home building process—from overseeing the design to managing the build construction. When choosing a home with Vicky’s Homes at Creekside Ravine, you will have peace of mind that you have made the right choice.


Dolce Vita Homes is an award winning builder whose standards align with Holmes Communities’ vision for sustainable home design. Holmes Communities is proud to have Dolce Vita Homes as a building partner in the Creekside Ravine development. Dolce Vita Homes offers a renaissance of building excellence, sensitive service, and value and is dedicated to creating homes of spectacular beauty, character and quality. Dolce Vita Homes will ensure that they pay critical attention to your individual needs and craft the perfect home for you at Creekside Ravine.