Available Lots.

Our architects were inspired by the ravine and have designed the community to be uniquely integrated with the natural environment. Don’t miss your opportunity to reside in Edmonton’s first Holmes Communities’ development; lots at Creekside Ravine are selling now.

Lot pricing starting in the mid 200’s


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A Rain Garden Community.

The mission behind Holmes Communities is to create a series of low-impact developments that integrate sustainable features while maintaining a healthy balance with the surrounding environment. That is why we have chosen to be the first rain garden community in Edmonton. Elaborate rain gardens composed of native plants will be integrated into the cul-de-sac. The rain gardens not only beautify the community, but act as a sponge to capture the storm water and the pollutants it carries. During storms, the rain gardens assist with preventing soil erosion and flooding.

A Natural Choice.

Creekside Ravine is a Holmes Communities’ project that is aptly named as it overlooks the Wedgwood Ravine, with 10 of its 16 lots directly backing onto the Environmental Reserve. Walking trails weave through the ravine and provide residents the perfect opportunity to live a natural lifestyle.

Going Above and Beyond.

Inspired by the ravine, our architects have integrated Autumn Gold Boulders as a design feature. These rocks will aid in melding the community though their use in the entryway signage, house numbering and rain gardens. In addition to the three rain gardens, every home site will have native flowers and shrubs planted around the perimeter of the cul-de-sac.

About Us.

Holmes Communities is the residential real estate development division of The Holmes Group. Mike’s vision is to be the global leader in promoting quality residential construction and developing environmentally sustainable neighbourhoods as well as consistently being the frontrunner in raising industry standards.


This will be accomplished through the use of high performance home and community infrastructure programs, such as:


  • Holmes Approved Homes Program Guidelines
  • Holmes Approved Builders
  • Holmes Approved Staged Inspections
  • Quality Standard Products & Techniques
  • Low Impact Construction (to the environment)
  • Efficient Power Sources (co-generation, geothermal, wind, solar)
  • Effective Energy Management (smart grid, energy storage)
  • Innovative Communications (home energy controls, home & community security controls, high speed internet)