Creekside Ravine, A Natural Choice.

Creekside Ravine is the newest Holmes Communities project, currently in development in Cameron Heights in Edmonton.

Smart Development Today.
Holmes Communities believes that building a successful and vibrant community begins with land selection. That is why we chose a 7 acre parcel of land along the Wedgewood Ravine in Cameron Heights. We dedicated over half of the land, 3.72 acres, as Environmental Reserve to enhance the larger 15 acre park site, which is equipped with an expansive trail system. This not only provides residents of our subdivision with spectacular views but gives them peace of mind that they are purchasing a sustainable home site.
Create A Healthy Tomorrow.
Creekside Ravine has 16 home sites that surround a cul-de-sac lined with rain gardens. The rain gardens are composed of native Alberta plants that naturally filter water runoff before it enters the storm water system. Not only does this have a positive impact on the local ecosystem, but it sets a developmental precedent in sustainable community design, as Creekside Ravine is the first development in Edmonton to have rain gardens. Creekside Ravine is a community that fits our mandate of successful and responsible community development, while creating a healthy and vibrant living environment for our new residents and home owners.